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Living Life to the Fullest with a Colostomy: Linda’s 180 Medical Community Story

living life to the fullest with a colostomy - linda's story

Life often presents us with challenges, sometimes unexpected and profound. When faced with these challenges, we’re tested and given a unique opportunity to rediscover ourselves and find resilience. 180 Medical customer Linda went through challenges on her ostomy journey, starting with emergency surgery and some subsequent difficulties adjusting to her new colostomy. And today, she’s not just living with a colostomy, but thriving.

By sharing her story, she hopes she can help inspire people to live their best lives.

From Diverticulitis to Emergency Colostomy Surgery

It all began with a pain that Linda couldn’t ignore, a discomfort that felt unusual and persistent. “It all started with a pain in my back that just wouldn’t go away,” Linda recalls. A visit to her general practitioner and a subsequent CT scan revealed a grim reality: severe diverticulitis, an inflammation or infection of small pouches that can form in the intestines. The diagnosis was clear and urgent.

“The doctor told me I needed surgery immediately. Otherwise, I was going to die.” Faced with this life-threatening condition, Linda underwent surgery, marking the beginning of a new chapter in her life. “It was very, very stressful,” she says.

Unfortunately, Linda’s experience at the hospital was far from ideal. She underwent surgery but found the hospital staff to be unhelpful and unsupportive. She recounts, “They were not helpful at all about anything. So I was very happy to go home.”

The Recovery Path of Living with a Colostomy

Although she was happy to get back home, that was when Linda had to face the reality of living with a colostomy. She admits the initial adjustment period was anything but easy.

“When I got home, they sent me nursing — one for everything. But that only works out for a couple of weeks, and then you’re on your own. And I still hadn’t learned how to manage the colostomy pouch, put it on, and not leak,” she says.

Thankfully, Linda had a nearby neighbor, an “angel,” who stepped in to help when she couldn’t figure out how to put the pouch on by herself. This act of kindness was a beacon of hope and a reminder that help was there when she needed it most. “She helped me, and we managed to put me back together.”

Linda and her various supplies

The Game-changer: Choosing 180 Medical

Even after that, it still took time to find the right support and information Linda needed to live well with her new ostomy. “I started trying different pouches, different companies,” she recalls. “It became difficult, though, because they would never answer the phone, or they’d ask me a thousand different questions. I was just trying to live a normal life, and it was very stressful.”

While searching for a reliable ostomy supply company, Linda decided to try 180 Medical. She took their advice, and the experience was a game-changer. “I’m very happy to sing the praises of 180 Medical because I wouldn’t be where I am today. You guys were a lifesaver.”

Linda found personalized support and reliable service from 180 Medical and our team of Ostomy Specialists. From selecting the right ostomy bags to navigating insurance, 180 Medical was there to guide Linda through each step, ensuring her needs were met with empathy and expertise.

Linda enjoying life

Getting the Right Colostomy Products

One thing Linda liked about the process with 180 Medical is that she got to experiment with her colostomy pouch options and ostomy accessories to figure out what would work best for her. “I like to be independent,” Linda says. She lives an active life, socially and physically. That’s why the right supplies would need to give her comfort and peace of mind.

Today, her routine is simple and no-nonsense. She says she loves the Convatec Esteem + One-Piece Closed-End Pouches. “The closed-end pouches are the best to use,” she says. And they’re easy to use and throw away. She also loves ESENTA Adhesive Remover Wipes.

cut-to-fit esteem plus closed end pouch

Now that she has the right products for her needs, she can travel, swim, visit friends, go to synagogue, and much more. “I can swim for an hour and never have any leakage, never have any problems. It’s like a new life!”

Linda’s Story Demonstrates the Power of a Positive Attitude

Linda isn’t just an inspiration. She’s also an absolute joy to get to know. Even while living with a colostomy, her joy for life is evident and contagious. And her journey emphasizes the importance of how life-changing the right service and supplies can be.

It wasn’t always easy at first. However, by sharing Linda’s story, we hope that other people facing a difficult time with adjusting to their ostomy can find inspiration and hope.

Whether you’re navigating the early days post-surgery or looking for ways to improve your quality of life with an ostomy, remember Linda’s journey and know that you’re not alone. 180 Medical is here to support you every step of the way. Contact us today to get started!

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Living Life to the Fullest with a Colostomy: Linda’s 180 Medical Community Story
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