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CompactCath Catheters

CompactCath has revolutionized the intermittent catheter industry with their palm-sized discreet catheter products. CompactCath intermittent catheters are pre-lubricated, touch-free, and ready to use with no waiting time before cathing.

180 Medical is proud to carry slim and easy to use catheters like the CompactCath line of touchless catheters for our customers who want a more discreet travel-ready cathing option, available in both straight and coudé insertion tips.

Find out more about CompactCath’s catheter options by checking out 180 Medical’s online catheter showcase, where you can view the available CompactCath urinary catheter products we can provide.

If you have more questions about your catheter options or you’re ready to discuss getting your first order with 180 Medical, contact us to experience our friendly, personalized customer service and reliable shipments for which we’re known.

Our Product Specialists will be happy to assist in finding the right catheter for you!


Some popular CompactCath Catheter products include:


When you choose to get your catheter supplies from 180 Medical, you instantly have access to all of the most popular, high-quality brands available on the market and all of the best catheter types.

Since 180 Medical has specialized in providing intermittent catheter products for over a decade, we make sure to stock our warehouse with a wide variety of the best intermittent catheter products. Whether you’re seeking a travel-ready pocket catheter, a pediatric catheter for your baby or child, or a catheter that’s easy to use with limited hand dexterity, 180 Medical has you covered.

Our catheter specialists are ready to offer you the kindness and care you deserve with a listening ear. We’re also more than glad to answer any questions you have about catheter products.

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