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Free Convatec Ostomy Samples

Are you sure you’re using the best ostomy products for your unique needs? There are many different types of ostomy supplies, pouches, skin barriers, and accessories available, including ostomy product options with the latest advances like Moldable Technology™. Ready to try out some free ostomy samples?

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You can also start the ostomy sample request process by filling out the form on this page to contact us. Then, we’ll get you started in the right direction.

urostomy pouches and eakin seals

Compassionate Ostomy Specialists

180 Medical specializes in ostomy supplies as well as intermittent catheters. That means we really know our product options inside and out to serve you better. Our knowledgeable, caring Ostomy Specialists can answer questions and help you get the products you need. 180 Medical customers also get access to a team of certified Ostomy Nurses for advanced medical questions regarding your ostomy or stoma.

Plus, you can try out free ostomy samples before you commit to a full order.


Request Free Samples

Reliable Shipping and Renowned Customer Service

We pride ourselves on setting the standard for customer service. We provide free and fast shipping, and we handle all of your insurance paperwork.

From start to finish, we’re dedicated to giving you a customer-focused service experience so we can fully meet your needs. That’s why we’re one of the top-rated ostomy supply companies in America.

2022 180 Medical Ostomy Specialists Team
Our team of friendly, knowledgeable Ostomy Specialists


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