Using Medicare to Pay for Your Ostomy Supplies

using medicare to pay for ostomy supplies

Whether you’ve had a colostomy, ileostomy, or urostomy, it’s a necessity to have access to quality ostomy supplies that you can trust. On top of that, we understand that you want products and high-quality brands that will feel comfortable, reliable, and easy to use, and you probably want products that will be covered by your insurance.

Did you know that Medicare covers a portion of the cost of most ostomy supplies?

Medicare is relied upon by millions of people for their essential medical supplies, including ostomy supplies. Medicare covers a portion of the cost of your supplies (typically 80%), so there is usually an out-of-pocket cost after they pay their portion, unless you also have a supplemental insurance plan. This is far less costly than paying cash for the supplies outright though. You may have to consider the supply limits within a 30 or 90-day range that must be followed in order to have Medicare pay their portion.

So what are the key factors you should look for in an ostomy supply provider?

Get the top three tips here.

company specializing in ostomy

Choose a company that specializes in ostomy supplies.

There are a lot of advantages to having a supplier that really knows its industry inside and out. Unlike companies that provide a wide range of supplies of all kinds, medical supply providers like 180 Medical have specialists that are rigorously trained to understand ostomy procedures, products, and the latest technology. They will also have the ability to keep inventory well-stocked in a central location for shipping. They will also have a wider selection of quality products, compared to limited inventory of local pharmacies.

company achc accredited medicare accredited

Seek out a provider that is accredited with Medicare and follows rigorous standards to be accredited by the ACHC (Accreditation Commission for Health Care) as well.

When you get your supplies from a company that adheres to the strict qualifications required in order to be accredited with Medicare, you can be assured that the company is committed to offering the best quality care in the industry. 180 Medical is proud to be accredited and contracted with Medicare, as well as ACHC-accredited.

We are also contracted with most state Medicaid plans and a wide variety of private insurance plans that continues to grow.

company handles insurance billing for your ostomy supplies

Find a supplier that will handle billing your insurance for you.

You don’t want to have to deal with the hassle of turning in claims on your products for repayment. Quality ostomy suppliers like 180 Medical will take the time to interface with your physician and your insurer to make sure you are getting the products you need to be covered.

180 medical ostomy specialists

With these tips, you may be on the way to getting quality ostomy supplies that could be covered by your Medicare plan. To find out if your supplies could be covered by Medicare or for other questions, call us at 180 Medical today at 1-877-688-2729.

Our team of friendly Ostomy Specialists is ready to help you.

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