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Hollister Catheters

Hollister Catheters

Hollister is a global company that develops and manufactures healthcare products to meet the medical needs to people across the world. Their products include a wide variety of intermittent catheters with the Hollister and Apogee brands that 180 Medical carry for your needs.

Take a look at our intermittent catheter showcase to see some of the Hollister catheter options that are available at 180 Medical. You can find such options as Hollister’s Advanced Plus closed system catheter kits, soft vinyl catheters, coude catheters, along with straight intermittent catheters in male length, female length, and pediatric length. 

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More Hollister and Apogee catheter products available:

Closed System Catheters
Apogee Closed System
Apogee Coudé Closed System
Apogee Closed System Red Rubber Kit
Apogee Soft Closed System Catheter
Hollister Advanced Plus Catheter Kit
Hollister Advanced Plus Coude Catheter
Apogee Red Rubber Closed System

Intermittent Catheters
Apogee Female Length Intermittent Catheter
Apogee Male Length Intermittent Catheter
Apogee Coudé Catheter
Apogee Female Catheter
Apogee Soft Intermittent Catheter

Hydrophilic Catheters
Hollister VaPro Plus Hydrophilic Catheter
Hollister VaPro Plus Pocket Catheter
Hollister VaPro Plus Hydrophilic Female Catheter
Hollister VaPro Plus Pocket Female Catheter
Apogee Essentials Pediatric HC Hydrophilic Catheter
Apogee Essentials Female HC Hydrophilic Catheter
Apogee Essentials Male HC Catheter
Hollister catheters come in a variety of styles, but there are always more options available for you. At 180 Medical we proudly carry Hollister catheters and other high quality catheter products. We carry a wide variety of catheters to ensure that you get the right products for your unique medical needs. Whether you need female catheters, intermittent straight catheters, or closed system catheters, 180 Medical has what you need. If you have any questions about the brands we carry or about our products, contact us so we can better fulfill your catheter needs.

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