How to Self-Catheterize

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Using a Closed Systems for Males

Closed system catheters are preferred by many men as they are discrete and can be used anywhere you have privacy. We understand that you might have questions about how a closed system catheter works. View the following resources below:

Catheter Instructional Videos

Closed System Catheters
A message about closed system catheters from 180 Medical Founder, Todd Brown.

How to use a closed system catheter kit for males
GentleCath Pro Closed System Kit
This guide shows men how to use the GentleCath Pro (or similar closed system catheters) while in a sitting position

Bard Touchless Plus Catheter Kit

This guide shows males how to use the Bard Touch Plus Catheter Kit.

Rusch MMG H2O Closed System Catheter
This instructional video shows you how to use the Rusch MMG H2O Hydrophilic Closed System Catheter.
Rusch MMG Closed System Catheter
Video demonstrating how to use the Rusch MMG Closed System Catheter.
MTG EZ-Advancer
This guide shows males how to use the MTG EZ-Advancer catheter system.
Printable Literature
Mature content disclaimer: certain content may contain graphic depictions and descriptions of catheterization for informational and educational purposes, which may be offensive to some viewers. 180 Medical disclaims all responsibility for such materials.


Please note that this is intended to provide a general understanding of self-catheterization. It should not be used in place of a visit, call, or consultation with a physician or other healthcare provider.
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