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How to Self-Catheterize Using a Straight Catheter for Men

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Using a Straight Catheter or Coudé Catheter for Males

Important Note:

A male straight catheter requires manual lubrication prior to insertion.

First, you may want to try applying lubricating jelly by tearing or trimming off both ends of your lubricant packet. Next, slide the straight catheter back and forth through the packet to fully coat it (as shown below).

Lubricating a catheter for straight catheterization
Another option is to tear or trim off the top of the packet (or use a tube of lubricant). Next, simply squeeze the lubricating jelly along the length of your catheter tube. Make sure to use a water-soluble lubricant.
Hands with gloves opening lubricant packet for straight cath


Catheter Instructional Videos for How to Straight Cath a Man

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This video shows how to cath men using a straight cath.
How To Use A Urinary Hydrophilic Straight Male Catheter

This video shows how to use a Hydrophilic Male Urinary Catheter that has a straight tip. MTG’s hydrophilic lubrication makes straight catheter insertion easy with less irritation.

How to Straight Cath a Man

We offer step-by-step instructions and instructional videos, which demonstrate how to straight cath a man (male).

As you are learning how to straight cath, here are a few helpful tips to get started.

  • Wash your hands before doing anything else.
  • Use insertion supplies such as gloves and antiseptic wipes to further reduce your risk of causing a UTI
  • Don’t force your catheter if you encounter resistance. Take a moment to cough, breath, and relax, then try it again. Be slow and gentle.
  • Remember, making mistakes at first may happen. If you drop your catheter or contaminate it by inserting it into the wrong hole, just try again with a fresh, sterile catheter.
  • Talk to your doctor if you are having any difficulties such as pain, inability to insert the catheter, bleeding, or another issue that requires medical advice.


Printable Literature for How to Straight Cath

Mature content disclaimer: certain content may contain graphic depictions and descriptions of catheterization for informational and educational purposes, which may be offensive to some viewers. 180 Medical disclaims all responsibility for such materials.


Please note that this is intended to provide a general understanding of self-catheterization. It should not be used in place of a visit, call, or consultation with a physician or other healthcare provider.
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