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Medline Catheters

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Medline is a medical supplies manufacturer with a mission to improve lives through innovation in product development. We’re proud to offer Medline catheters among our wide variety of brands and types on our online catheter catalog.

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Need more help in trying and finding a catheter solution that will fit your unique needs? That’s our specialty at 180 Medical. Reach out to us to request free Medline catheter samples.

Popular Medline Catheters

Curious about catheter options from Medline that are commonly requested at 180 Medical? Let’s take a look.

Medline Straight Catheters

Some of the most popular catheters that Medline offers are red rubber latex catheters, which are available in both straight tip and coudé tip options. Many users prefer red rubber catheters for their flexibility and practicality.

Medline also manufactures vinyl straight catheters with smooth insertion tips for easier and more comfortable catheterization. All you need to add is sterile lubricating jelly.


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Medline Closed System Catheters and Catheter Kits

Closed system catheters are an all-in-one system with an integrated collection bag and a pre-lubricated catheter that’s ready to use. In addition, many of the GentleCath Pro closed systems include insertion supplies as well. These no-touch catheters facilitate a more sterile catheterization, which may help reduce contamination or risk of infection.

Seeking a unisex catheter with a hydrophilic coating that will stay smooth and comfortable? These male-length 16-inch catheters can come with or without an additional catheter kit with insertion supplies, including gloves, wipes, etc.

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Where to Buy Medline Catheter Supplies Through Insurance

180 Medical is a leading supplier of urological catheters in America. We carry one of the widest varieties of catheter types and sizes from all the top brands, including Medline catheters and their line of MyCath catheters.

Not sure if your insurance will cover your catheter supplies? Just contact us to get started. 180 Medical’s insurance experts can verify your benefits and walk you through your plan’s catheter coverage. We’ll answer any and all of your questions about urinary catheters while also offering the resources and tips you need in order to learn how to use catheters safely.

Plus, we provide free shipping, personalized support, insurance billing, and more! Reach out to us to experience our top-rated customer service.

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