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Apogee Plus™ Soft Closed System Catheter Kit

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This Apogee Plus™ Soft Catheter Kit provides everything you need for a smooth, hygienic catheterization. Apogee Plus™ soft closed system catheters are all-in-one catheter options that include a handy kit of insertion supplies (gloves, underpad/drape, gauze, and .PVP swab sticks). The catheter itself is a soft tube with ultra-smooth eyelets that's ready for use with no need for additional catheter lubricant. View Apogee Plus™ Soft Closed System features and pricing information below or learn about other catheter products here.


  • Pre-lubricated gel catheter designed for easy advancing
  • Side-loaded catheter helps reduce risk of urine backflow
  • Touch-free protective tip helps protect catheter from exposure to bacteria in first few millimeters of urethra
  • Integrated 1500mL collection bag with tear strip
  • Insertion supplies include gloves, underpad, PVP swab sticks and gauze
  • Single-use, sterile
Catheter Sizes Item Numbers
12 Fr with kit B12SB
12 Fr B12S
14 Fr with kit B14SB
14 Fr B14S


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