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Rusch® MMG™ Soft Catheter Kit

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The Teleflex Rusch® MMG™ Soft Catheter Kit is a self-contained intermittent catheter system. The pre-lubricated soft catheter as well as its silicone introducer tip feature a non-allergenic, water-soluble lubricant. You can have a touch-free, smooth insertion without the need for carrying additional catheter lubricating jelly. The MMG™ Soft Catheter Kit features recessed, polished drainage eyelets at the tapered straight insertion tip, which assures a smooth glide through the urethra. In addition, its self-contained urine collection bag reduces the risk of urine spillage.


  • Pre-lubricated catheter
  • Soft catheter
  • Guardian Tip™ introducer tip
  • 1500 mL collection bag
  • Insertion supplies include gauze tissue, povidone iodine swabs, two gloves and an underpad
Catheter Sizes Item Numbers
12 Fr MMG RLA-122-3O
14 Fr MMG RLA-142-3O