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Rusch® MMG H2O® Hydrophilic Closed System Catheter

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The Rusch® MMG H2O® hydrophilic closed system catheter is designed to reduce urethral trauma. The MMG H2O® Catheter glides easily into the urethra after activation of the unique Rusch hydrophilic coating using the integrated sterile saline pouch. A sterile compact way for the intermittent catheter user to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.


  • Hydrophilic coating
  • Soft, silicone introducer tip
  • 1300 mL collection bag
  • Each insertion kit contains sterile gloves, underpad, BZK towelette, gauze and a refuse bag for convenient disposal
  • Single use, sterile
Catheter Sizes Item Numbers
6 Fr 20096060
8 Fr 20096080
10 Fr 20096100
12 Fr 20096120
14 Fr 20096140
16 Fr 20096160


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