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MTG Kiddie-Kath Pediatric Closed System Catheter

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MTG Kiddie-Kath Pediatric Closed System Catheter

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MTG combines its trusted quality, convenience, and comfort in the Kiddie-Kath Pediatric Closed System Catheter for children. Each pediatric length catheter comes pre-lubricated. Plus, it offers an EZ-Advancer® valve, which helps keep the catheter moving forward from within its sterile collection bag and into the urethra without risk of retraction. This makes the catheter easy to use even for those with limited hand dexterity. No need for holding tight just to stabilize the catheter tube. In addition, it features a soft silicone introducer tip to help the catheter get past the highest concentrations of bacteria, which may help reduce the risk of infections like UTIs for your child. Lastly, the Kiddie-Kath Pediatric Closed System Catheter is 100% latex-free and DEHP-free. See below for more details.


  • 10 inches long (pediatric length)
  • Pre-lubricated
  • Available with discreet Mini-Pak outer package
  • Available with insertion supplies
  • Includes privacy bag for discreet disposal of supplies after cathing
  • Latex-free & DEHP-free
  • 700 mL urine collection bag
  • Sterile sample collection option
  • Introducer tip
  • Soft fire-polished drainage eyelets
  • EZ-Advancer valve
  • Sterile, single-use
Description Catheter Size Item Number
Pediatric Catheter with PVP Swabs 8 Fr 31108
Adolescent Catheter with PVP Swabs 10 Fr 31110
Pediatric Mini-Pak Catheter with BZK Wipe 8 Fr 32108
Adolescent Mini-Pak Catheter with BZK Wipe 10 Fr 32110
Pediatric Catheter with BZK Swabs 8 Fr 32508
Adolescent Catheter with BZK Swabs 10 Fr 32510
Pediatric Mini-Pak Catheter without Kit 8 Fr 30108
Adolescent Mini-Pak Catheter without Kit 10 Fr 30110