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MTG EZ-Advancer Closed System Catheter

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MTG EZ-Advancer Closed System Catheter

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MTG designed the MTG EZ-Advancer Closed System Catheter to help reduce the risk of UTIs. Features on all EZ-Advancer models include a soft flexible introducer tip and the fully enclosed sterile collection bag with a convenient tear-away perforation. This allows you to pour the collected urine into a toilet, urinal, or another safe receptacle before throwing it away. Each closed system catheter also features accessible finger holes in the collection bag to make holding easy. The star feature of the MTG EZ-Advancer Catheter is the EZ-Advancer valve, which helps secure the catheter tube with each forward motion during insertion. In addition, each MTG closed system catheter is 100% latex-free with a DEHP-free catheter tube. Available in firm or soft male length (16 inches) and with or without a kit of insertion supplies. Plus, at 180 Medical, you also have the option of the popular Mini-Pak outer package, which is ideal for travel. It also includes a privacy bag for discreet disposal of supplies after use. See below for more details.


  • Pre-lubricated catheter
  • Introducer tip designed to reduce the risk of urinary tract infection recurrence
  • EZ-Advancer valve helps you easily advance the catheter tube without retraction
  • Fire-polished eyelets
  • 1500mL collection bag
  • Latex-free & DEHP free
  • Compact packaging
  • Male length (16″), good for male or female use
  • Optional insertion supplies kit includes gauze, underpad, non-latex gloves, and either a BZK antiseptic prep (clear, odor-free, alcohol-free, antiseptic) OR PVP swab
Description Catheter Size Item Number
Firm with BZK Swabs 12 Fr 32112
Firm with BZK Swabs 14 Fr 32114
Firm with BZK Swabs 16 Fr 32116
Soft with BZK Swabs 12 Fr 32212
Soft with BZK Swabs 14 Fr 32214
Firm without Kit 12 Fr 30112
Firm without Kit 14 Fr 30114
Firm without Kit 16 Fr 30116
Firm Mini Pak with BZK Swabs 12 Fr 42112
Firm Mini Pak with BZK Swabs 12 Fr 42114
Firm Mini Pak with BZK Swabs 14 Fr 42116