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Bard Red Rubber Coudé Intermittent Catheter


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If you prefer the flexibility of a red rubber latex catheter but require a coudé insertion tip to bypass blockages or strictures, you may appreciate the trusted comfort of Bard’s Red Rubber Coudé Intermittent Catheter in male length. This particular model features two smooth eyelets on the curved insertion tip for reliable drainage of your bladder while keeping catheterization comfortable. The Bard Red Rubber Coudé Intermittent Catheter also features a helpful indicator bump on the funnel, which helps you know which direction the curve of your coudé tip is facing during insertion.


  • Male length (16 inches)
  • Red rubber latex with integrated funnel end
  • Two smooth drainage eyelets
  • Easy-open peel-strip packaging
  • Sterile, single use
Catheter Sizes Item Numbers
12 Fr 120612
14 Fr 120614
16 Fr 120616
18 Fr 120618