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Bard Red Rubber Coudé Intermittent Catheter

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Bard’s trusted red rubber catheter features a curved coudé insertion tip for easier navigation past blockages that a typical straight catheter cannot pass. Its smooth single drainage eyelet offers a way to drain your bladder. In addition, the eyelet is smooth to make insertion more comfortable. The Bard Red Rubber Coudé Catheter's handy indicator bump allows you to see the direction of the curved tip during insertion as well.


  • 16 inches long (male length)
  • Coudé tip (curved or bent tip)
  • Red rubber latex with integrated funnel end
  • Funnel features indicator bump to show direction of tip
  • Single drainage eye
  • Easy-open peel-strip packaging
  • Sterile, single use
Catheter Sizes Item Numbers
12 Fr 010112
14 Fr 010114
16 Fr 010116
18 Fr 010118
20 Fr 010120
22 Fr 010122
24 Fr 010124