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Cure Coudé Catheter

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The Cure Coudé Intermittent Catheter offers a more comfortable, safe way to self-catheterize for individuals who are unable to use straight tip catheters. The gentle curve of the coudé tip catheter maneuvers past obstructions to drain the bladder efficiently and easily. Each Cure Coudé Catheter is uncoated, so you can choose the lubricating jelly you prefer for a smooth catheterization. In addition, all Cure catheters do not have DEHP, BPA, or natural rubber latex.


  • Coudé tip
  • Latex-free
  • DEHP and BPA free
  • Smooth, fire-polished eyelets for comfortable insertion
Catheter Sizes Item Numbers
10 Fr CURE M10C
12 Fr CURE M12C
14 Fr CURE M14C
16 Fr CURE M16C
18 Fr CURE M18C


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