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Coloplast Self-Cath® Plus Olive Tip Coudé Hydrophilic Catheter

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The Coloplast Self-Cath® Plus Olive Tip Coudé Catheter has a hydrophilic coating that instantly activates when you apply water. It provides a low-friction catheterization that's comfortable with no need for additional catheter lubricating jelly. Plus, the olive coudé tip is ideal for navigating around obstructions on the way to the bladder. It's also a good option for male users who need a catheter that can get past false passages in the urethra. Additionally, the Self-Cath® Plus Olive Tip Coudé Catheter is not made with natural rubber latex.


  • Hydrophilic coated for smooth insertion
  • Olive coudé insertion tip
  • Color-coded funnel ends for easy size identification
  • Fire-polished eyelets
  • Made of flexible medical-grade PVC without natural rubber latex
Catheter Sizes Item Numbers
8 Fr 4808
10 Fr 4810
12 Fr 4812
14 Fr 4814
16 Fr 4816