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Coloplast Self-Cath® Olive Tip Coudé Closed System

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The Coloplast Self-Cath® Olive Tip Coudé Closed System Catheter Kit consists of a catheter with a siliconized surface for smooth insertion. This unisex closed system catheter is designed to reduce the risk of UTIs and urethral trauma. The EasyOff™ tear tab makes the catheter easier to open, even for those with limited hand use. In addition, the Coloplast Self-Cath® olive tip coudé catheter features a blue guide stripe down the length of the tube from the insertion tip. This handy feature helps the user better determine the placement of the coudé tip during insertion.


  • Olive tip coudé catheter
  • Guide Stripe
  • 100% latex-free
  • Fully-contained system (easy for travel)
  • Includes the Self-Cath pre-lubricated catheter, 1100 cc seamless vinyl collection bag, gloves, underpad, povidone-iodine swabsticks and user instructions
Catheter Sizes Item Numbers
14 Fr 3814
16 Fr 3816


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