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Cure™ Coudé Catheter Closed System

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The Cure™ Coudé Closed System Catheter is a comfortable, convenient, and high-quality pre-lubricated coudé catheter option that's touch-free and includes all you need for clean intermittent catheterization. It features the unique Cure™ ProteX Introducer Tip™, which is designed to help prevent the transfer of bacteria and reduce the risk of UTIs (urinary tract infections). The pre-lubricated catheter is housed in its own sterile collection bag. Each kit contains a BZK wipe, PVP swab sticks, gloves, a sterile wipe, and an underpad.


  • Pre-lubricated catheter
  • Coudé tip
  • Includes Cure ProteX Introducer Tip™
  • Drainage bag
  • Insertion supplies
  • Fire-polished eyelets
  • Single-use, sterile
Catheter Sizes Item Numbers
14 Fr CS14C