What Is a Closed System Catheter?

You may already be aware that intermittent catheters come in all kinds, materials, sizes, and brands. Everyone who uses catheters has their own preferences and particular needs that will determine what type of catheter may work best for them, whether that’s a regular straight catheter, a catheter with a coudé tip, hydrophilic catheters, male or female or pediatric length, or a more advanced product called a closed system catheter.

Today, we’re going to shed some light on exactly what a closed system catheter is and break down each component of this product, along with the benefits, including how it can possibly help make one’s self-catheterization routine easier and more hygienic.

What is a Closed System Catheter?

A closed system catheter is, at a quick glance, a self-contained, sterile, pre-lubricated catheter housed within a collection bag. The collection bag eliminates the need to void the urine into a receptacle or toilet, and since it’s already self-containing, it also eliminates the need to hook up any other kind of bag or container. It’s basically ready to use once it has been opened. These systems often include other features to help assist with the catheterization process and keep everything more sterile. As with all other types of catheters, its main function is to drain the bladder of all urine in a comfortable, smooth process while minimizing the risk of bacterial infection of the urinary tract and/or bladder.

What are the Features of Closed System Catheters?

While there will definitely be some variance between brands, the majority of closed system catheters will have the same basic parts, as you can see in the below diagram.

closed system catheter

Some Additional Features

Many brands offer insertion supplies to help assist in the catheterization routine, which may include an opaque refuse/trash bag to hide/store the used catheter system, antiseptic wipes (typically povidone-iodine or BZK) to disinfect hands and the area of insertion, gloves to keep hands covered and reduce the risk of infection, additional lubrication to make the catheter insertion more smooth (if needed), and a sterile underpad to set supplies or to protect your from any residual liquid.

How Do I Use a Closed Systen Catheter?

For more detailed information regarding how to catheterize, please call one of our trained specialists at 1-877-688-2729 so we can walk you through that process. 180 Medical also has one-of-a-kind catheterization instruction materials we can send to you with your order, including a DVD and detailed colorful brochures.

What are the Benefits of Using Closed System Catheters?

There are a few potential advantages of using a closed system catheter. It can be especially helpful for those with limited dexterity and/or in wheelchairs. The self-contained collection bag eliminates the need to try to find another receptacle, such as a separate bag, toilet/urinal, or another container for such purpose. One can catheterize from the wheelchair or any place with privacy.

Another benefit is the helpful introducer tip, which bypasses the first few millimeters of the urethra (where the majority of bacteria collect), allowing the catheter itself to pass through the urethra while minimizing the risk of infection. It’s a much more sterile process because the catheter can be inserted without ever touching the actual tube, which can also lessen the possibility of bacterial contamination.

Are Closed System Catheters Available in My Size?

It’s highly likely, as many brands of closed system catheters will offer straight or coudé tip, pediatric sizes, male or female length, various materials such as vinyl and red rubber, and a range of the common French sizes.

Which Closed System Catheters Does 180 Medical Carry?

180 Medical proudly carries catheters from all of the leading manufacturers and brands available today. Take a look at our online catheter showcase to view a few of the available options.

catheter brands at 180 medical

How Can I Find a Catheter That’s Right for Me?

Just contact 180 Medical by filling out our online inquiry form, connect to us via our online Live Chat, or give us a call at 1-877-688-2729 to speak to one of our friendly Product Specialists. We are happy to help you find the right catheter for your needs, and we can verify your insurance to determine if and how these products are covered on your policy.

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