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Tag: New to Cathing

Tag: New to Cathing

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Tips for Cathing After Prostate Cancer Surgery

Are you experiencing symptoms of urine leakage or bladder retention after your prostate surgery? You may need to use catheters to keep your bladder drained and healthy. Find out more tips for new catheter users after a prostatectomy!

Top 5 Tips to Help Make Cathing Less Painful

Are you experiencing pain when you use catheters? Get our top tips for making catheterization more smooth and comfortable!

Why You Shouldn’t Reuse Your Catheters

Have you been told it’s okay to wash and reuse your intermittent catheters? You may have the wrong advice. Find out the number one reason to never reuse your catheters in our latest blog!

3 Types of Female Catheters

Looking for the best catheters for women? Find out about the three main sub-categories of female intermittent catheters to learn which may be the right kind for your needs!

Basics of Clean Intermittent Catheterization

Intermittent catheterization can seem overwhelming, especially when you’re new to it. 180 Medical is here to help with a few of the basics of cathing.

All About Catheter Drainage Eyelets

Curious about what difference the right catheter eyelet type could make for you? Learn more about eyelets in our latest blog.

Easing the Transition into Self-Catheterization

Being told you need to begin using catheters isn’t the easiest news in the world, but there are resources and ways to make the change smooth and simple to incorporate into one’s daily life. Learn more with our latest blog.

14 Dos and Don’ts of Self-Cathing

Are you new to using self catheters? 180 Medical has some helpful tips to get you started on the right track.