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Best Practices for Self-Catheterization

Learn more about the best ways to keep your intermittent cathing routine the most comfortable, efficient, and hygienic.

Catheters 101: The Basic Components of Your Intermittent Catheter

New to using catheters? Learn more about the basics of intermittent catheters – from top to bottom!

3 Helpful Smartphone Apps for Catheter and Wheelchair Users

Are you looking for a more convenient option to help you remember when to self-cath or record your catheterization schedule and output? Have you considered there might be “an app for that?” Learn more here!

Catheter Materials: An Overview

Curious about what the differences are between the various kinds of catheter materials available today? Learn more about the 3 most common catheter materials here, including red rubber, vinyl, and silicone intermittent catheters.

8 Frequently Asked Questions About Catheters

Get the answers to your FAQs about catheters and self-catheterization.

Catheter French Sizes

Unsure of what size intermittent catheter you should use? Start here to learn more!

Things Your Child Should Know About Self-Catheterization

Support your child and get them headed in the right direction to easy, hygienic intermittent self-catheterization with this helpful list of tips.

What Do the Symbols on My Catheter Package Mean?

Curious what all those symbols and numbers on your catheters are about? Get the scoop here.

Tips for Self-Catheterization for Beginners

New to using intermittent catheters on your own? We have the tips you need to start!

FAQ: Catheter Funnel Ends

Most urinary catheters have a funnel end or a connector. Find out all about your catheters’ funnels and why their color is important.

Self-Catheterization Dos & Don’ts

Find out what to do and what not to do when it comes to self-cathing.