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Coloplast SureCath Set

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Coloplast SureCath Set is an all-in-one closed system catheter option that is easy to carry, handle, and use. The hydrophilic SureCath® catheter is ready to be activated by the included packet of sterile saline solution. Once the solution soaks over the catheter, it becomes highly lubricated for a low-friction and comfortable catheterization from start to finish. Thanks to the integrated collection bag, there’s no need to transfer from your wheelchair to the toilet when using this closed system catheter set. This also makes it ideal for use among people who frequently travel. With the SureCath Set, you can self-cath hygienically and smoothly any place where you have privacy.


  • 14 inches long
  • All-in-one closed system
  • No-touch
  • Latex-free
Catheter Sizes Item Numbers
8 Fr 28022S (Discontinued)
10 Fr 28023S (Discontinued)
12 Fr 28024S (Discontinued)
12 Fr 28027 (Backorder issues)
14 Fr 28036S (Discontinued)
14 Fr 28028 (Backorder issues)
16 Fr 28033S (Discontinued)