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Hi-Slip Full Plus Male Hydrophilic Catheter (Discontinued)

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Notice: hi-slip® has discontinued manufacturing catheter supplies as of December of 2020. 180 Medical carries an incredibly wide variety of catheter supplies from all the top brands. We will gladly accommodate your needs and preferences with a multitude of catheter options, including hydrophilic catheters similar to hi-slip®.

The Hi-Slip Full Plus Male Hydrophilic Catheter has a special surface that provides a very high degree of slipperiness when wet. It comes with a packet of sterile water, which you can use to activate the hydrophilic coating. This offers optimal cleanliness as well as an exceptional slippery smooth catheterization. No additional lubricating jelly required! In addition, the Hi-Slip Full Plus male length catheter comes with insertion supplies. These include a single-use urine collection bag, antiseptic pad, non-latex gloves, and an underpad.


  • 16 inches long (male length)
  • Straight tip
  • Hydrophilic
  • Water packet included for enhanced hygiene and convenience
  • Insertion supplies include urine collection bag, BZK swab, latex-free gloves, and underpad
Catheter Sizes Item Numbers
8 Fr FPM4008 (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
10 Fr FPM4010 (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
12 Fr FPM4012 (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
14 Fr FPM4014 (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
16 Fr FPM4016 (Discontinued by Manufacturer)


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