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Hi-Slip Plus Coudé Catheter (Discontinued)

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Notice: hi-slip® has discontinued manufacturing catheter supplies as of December of 2020. 180 Medical carries an incredibly wide variety of catheter supplies from all the top brands. We will gladly accommodate your needs and preferences with a multitude of catheter options, including hydrophilic catheters similar to hi-slip®.

The hi-slip Plus Coudé Catheter offers a unique hydrophilic catheter option for men who need to use coudé tips instead of a straight tip, whether due to a large prostate, a urethral stricture, or another obstruction. The hi-slip coudé catheter in the hi-slip plus catheter model features what is known as a true coudé tip, which means it is both bent and tapered for maximum comfort. In addition, this feature helps aid insertion while its slippery surface helps reduce friction inside the urethra. The hi-slip Plus Coudé Catheter offers comfort, smoothness, and sterility, thanks to its blue guide sleeve. No more need to carry additional lubricating jelly. The hi-slip Plus Catheter with a coudé tip will become fully hydrated and lubricated within 30 seconds after you break its included water sachet.


  • 16 inches long (male length)
  • Coudé tip
  • Special surface that provides a very high degree of slipperiness when soaked in water when you break the water sachet in the package
  • No additional lubricant is needed
Catheter Sizes Item Numbers
10 Fr PT4010 (Discontinued by manufacturer)
12 Fr PT4012 (Discontinued by manufacturer)
14 Fr PT4014 (Discontinued by manufacturer)
16 Fr PT4016 (Discontinued by manufacturer)


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