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LoFric® Primo™ Tiemann Coudé Tip Catheter

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Wellspect’s LoFric® Primo™ Coudé Catheter is a hydrophilic catheter with unique Urotonic™ Surface Technology. It provides a low-friction catheterization every time. This particular Tiemann tip coudé catheter features a new material made with POBE that is free of PVC, softeners, and latex. Plus, its insertion tip is ideal for users who can't pass straight catheters. Additionally, each catheter package includes a sterile water packet that's easy to pop to activate the coating. Just fold it and press. Next, let the water run over the catheter tube to activate the lubrication-like coating. The LoFric® Primo™ coudé hydrophilic catheter is foldable and discreet, so you can pocket it or take it along on work or on trips. The packaging has a large loop for easier handling and an adhesive spot on the back of the package to hang on a vertical surface while you get ready to cath.


  • Hydrophilic properties with coudé tip
  • Sterile water included
  • Urotonic Surface Technology for low friction and maximal comfort
  • Catheter packaging is soft and foldable
  • Latex-free
Catheter Sizes Item Numbers
10 Fr 4151040
12 Fr 4151240
14 Fr 4151440
16 Fr 4151640
18 Fr 4151840


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