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LoFric® SimPro Now™ Hydrophilic Female Catheter

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The LoFric® SimPro Now™ Hydrophilic Female Length Catheter comes in a wide range of sizes from as small as 6Fr up to 16Fr. Each 8-inch long catheter features LoFric's trademark low-friction hydrophilic catheter technology. All you have to do to activate its highly slippery hydrophilic coating is pop the included sterile water sachet inside the catheter package. Then it's ready to use. No additional lubricating jelly is required! In addition, each LoFric® SimPro™ female catheter features a handy guide sleeve to keep catheterization touch-free. Also, it's latex-free! Contact our Product Specialists at 180 Medical to try a free sample of this or one of the many other female catheters we carry.


  • 8 inches long (female length)
  • Straight tip
  • Ready to use after activation with the included water sachet
  • Latex-free
Catheter Sizes Item Numbers
6 Fr 5130600
8 Fr 5130800
10 Fr 5131000
12 Fr 5131200
14 Fr 5131400
16 Fr 5131600