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Esteem+ Flex Convex One-Piece Urostomy Pouch

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The Convatec Esteem + Flex Convex One-Piece Urostomy Pouch offers you the comfort, security, and flexibility you want from your urostomy bag. The tap at the bottom of the urostomy bag is easy to open and close for simple urine drainage. Each hydrocolloid convex skin barrier helps minimize the risk of leakage while staying secure and moving with you. It has soft, tapered edges to help resist snags and lifts.

In addition, the Esteem + Flex Convex Urostomy Pouch is available in 3 convex plateau sizes to accommodate all unique bodies and stomas. You may prefer a narrow plateau if you need more pressure around a flush or recessed stoma. On the other hand, if you have a lot of skin folds or creases that cause leakage, you might do well with a wider convex plateau to help flatten those and make your skin surface smooth.

Our Ostomy Specialists at 180 Medical can gladly help you navigate the world of urostomy products, including Convatec's Esteem + Flex Convex Urostomy Pouch. Also, we offer free urostomy samples. Contact us to get started! 3 ostomy convex plateau size guide



ConvaTec Esteem+ Flex Convex Urostomy Pouch Customer Reviews

Item Numbers Description Color Size Quantity
421623 Convex V1 Cut-to-fit Urostomy Pouch Opaque 10-43mm (3⁄8″ – 1 11⁄16″) 10 per box
421624 Convex V1 Pre-cut Urostomy Pouch Opaque 15mm (5⁄8″) 10 per box
421625 Convex V1 Pre-cut Urostomy Pouch Opaque 20mm (13⁄16″) 10 per box
421626 Convex V2 Cut-to-fit Urostomy Pouch Opaque 10-35mm (3⁄8″ – 1 3⁄8″) 10 per box
421627 Convex  V2 Pre-cut Urostomy Pouch Opaque 15mm (5⁄8″) 10 per box
421628 Convex V3 Cut-to-fit Urostomy Pouch Opaque 10-25mm (3⁄8″ – 1″) 10 per box
421629 Convex V3 Pre-cut Urostomy Pouch Opaque 15mm (5⁄8″) 10 per box


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