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Product News: Esteem Body™ Soft Convex Ostomy Pouches

Ostomy Product News Esteem Body™ Soft Convex Ostomy Pouches

Finding the right ostomy pouching system can be a game-changer for those living with a colostomy, urostomy, or ileostomy. This is especially true for ostomates with flush or retracted stomas, which are common but can pose challenges like pouch leakage, skin irritation, and other difficulties. That’s why we’re excited to introduce Convatec’s new Esteem Body™ Soft Convex Ostomy Pouches, specially made to adapt to your unique body and stoma.

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All About Esteem Body™ Soft Convex Ostomy Pouches

You deserve an ostomy pouching system that can help enhance your overall confidence, comfort, and sense of daily security. Convatec’s Esteem Body™ Soft Convex Ostomy Pouches, engineered with Leak Defense™ technology, are specially designed to address some of the most common challenges people with ostomies face.

Do you have a flush or retracted stoma? We understand the challenges you’re facing. The range of convexity options in the new Esteem Body™ pouches may fit your needs. No more worrying about leakage, skin irritation, or whether people can see your pouch under your clothing.

What Are the Key Features of Esteem Body™ Ostomy Pouches?

  • Leak Defense™ Technology provides a secure seal that helps prevent leaks
  • A modern 8-shaped pouch on the drainable and closed-end pouch options helps reduce bulging as the pouch fills
  • Convatec’s gold-standard adhesives secure the barrier while protecting your skin, helping to prevent irritation before it starts
  • Water-repellent ostomy pouch fabric keeps pouch contents hidden
  • Visually discreet design to support your confidence and an active lifestyle
  • Flexible convexity in 2 depths and 4 tension widths to ensure a snug fit for a range of diverse body and stoma types

Esteem Body™ Soft Convex Ostomy Pouches with Leak Defense

Esteem Body™ Soft Convex Ostomy Pouch Options

The new Esteem Body™ Ostomy Pouching System line offers three primary options to fit a range of needs: drainable, closed, and urostomy.

Learn more about each option below.

Soft Convex One-Piece Drainable Pouch with Window

The Esteem Body™ Drainable Pouch, available for those with a colostomy or ileostomy, offers a modern 8-shaped pouch that helps reduce bulging and sagging as it fills.

The gray colostomy bag’s water-repellent, soft fabric keeps it discreet under clothing, even when wet. This clever design ensures the pouch remains visually discreet, so you can have some peace of mind and confidence whether you’re at home, at work, socializing, working out, or traveling.

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Soft Convex One-Piece Closed-End Pouch

For those who prefer the simplicity and convenience of a closed ileostomy bag, the Convatec Esteem Body™ Soft Convex One-Piece Closed-End Pouch is a great option.

With gold-standard adhesives that help stop skin irritation before it starts, you can feel confident that your skin barrier stays secure until you’re ready to change out your closed pouch for another.

Do you have liquid output? The superior Durahesive® skin barriers are designed to provide a secure seal and extended wear time by swelling or “turtlenecking” around your stoma for a secure, snug, and comfortable fit. Plus, its modern 8-shaped design helps ensure a streamlined appearance and discretion, even under light-colored clothes.

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Soft Convex One-Piece Urostomy Pouch

If you live with a urostomy, you know the challenges commonly faced with other urostomy bag options. As your pouch fills, you may notice sagging or bulging. Not with the new Esteem Body™ Soft Convex One-Piece Urostomy Pouch!

The modern opaque gray design conceals your pouch contents, and its top-quality adhesives maintain proper adhesion around your stoma while protecting your skin. Also, a secure tap is located at the bottom of the pouch for convenient emptying as needed. This tap is compatible with the Convatec Night Drainage System for continuous, no-hassle overnight drainage while you sleep.

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What are the Benefits of a Convex Ostomy Pouch?

If your stoma is flush to the skin or retracted below the skin surface, a convex pouch can help in several ways.

The dome-shaped barrier design can apply gentle pressure around your stoma, creating a more consistent and secure seal. This is also helpful for ostomates with uneven skin surfaces, folds, or creases around their stoma.

If you live with a flush or retracted stoma, a convex ostomy pouch option may help reduce the risk of pouch leakage while also promoting a better output flow.

Talk to your prescribing doctor or an ostomy nurse who can help you determine whether a flat or convex skin barrier may be right for you. 180 Medical’s friendly, knowledgeable Ostomy Specialists are also here for you every step of the way. We can help you measure your stoma and try out samples. Plus, we can guide you through finding the right size and convexity level for achieving your best pouch fit.

Why Choose Esteem Body™ Ostomy Pouches?

The Esteem Body™ soft convex pouches are designed to provide peace of mind and confidence. Whether you’re new to ostomy care or looking for a more secure and comfortable solution, Esteem Body™ has you covered.

At 180 Medical, we have decades of knowledge and experience. We’ve gladly helped thousands of ostomates from all walks of life find the right pouches and accessories to fit their unique needs.

Reach out to us today to get started!

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Product News: Esteem Body™ Soft Convex Ostomy Pouches
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