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Esteem Body™ Soft Convex One-Piece Closed-End Pouch

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Coming soon! Introducing the Convatec Esteem Body™ Soft Convex One-Piece Closed-End Pouch with Window, the forefront of innovation in one-piece soft convex ostomy solutions. These closed-end colostomy and ileostomy pouches feature Convatec's pioneering Leak Defense™ technology with superior Durahesive® adhesives. With a comprehensive selection of soft convexity options, this one-piece ostomy pouch is crafted to fit the unique contours of your body, offering a secure and durable wear-time that you can trust.

The Esteem Body™ Soft Convex Closed-End Pouch is designed with a contemporary 8-shape to effectively reduce bulging and prevent sagging as the pouch remains in use. The soft, water-repellent fabric of the pouch ensures dryness and comfort throughout the day. Plus, its color and design helps it stay discreet -- even under white clothing! The opaque pouch material is also designed to obscure the contents, ensuring confidence and peace of mind, even when the pouch is wet, complete with a convenient window for easy monitoring.

*Available Product Reference Numbers and Sizes Coming Soon!*


Active Active
Bathing Bathing
Colostomy Colostomy
Daywear Daywear
Extended Wear Extended Wear
Flush/Retracted Stomas Flush/Retracted Stomas
Hospital Hospital
Ileostomy Ileostomy
Nightwear Nightwear
Retracted Stoma Retracted Stoma
Sensitive Skin Sensitive Skin
Sensitivity Sensitivity
Swimming Swimming
Travel Travel