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Esteem+ Soft Convex Drainable Pouch

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The Esteem+™ Soft Convex Drainable Pouch is one of the newest additions to ConvaTec's range of one-piece convex ostomy pouching systems. Combining flexibility and shallow convexity, the Esteem+™ Soft Convex One-Piece Drainable Pouch conforms to the body with optimal comfort.
Key benefits include:
  • Flexible soft convexity
  • Improves pouch seal and minimizes leaks
  • Easy-view window for accurate positioning and observation
  • Filter to minimize odors and pouch ballooning
  • Safe Seal Clipless Closure to make emptying and cleaning your drainable pouch easy
  • Belt tabs are included if you prefer an ostomy support belt for more security
The Esteem+™ Soft Convex system is available in 3 plateau sizes to accommodate a range of stomas with cut-to-fit skin barriers. Pre-cut barrier options are coming soon! convatec convex plateau width
Item Numbers Description Size Quantity
422363 Soft Convex Drainable Pouch, Cut-to-Fit, V1 20 – 47 mm (3/4 – 1-7/8″) 10 per box
422364 Soft Convex Drainable Pouch, Cut-to-Fit, V2 15 – 40 mm (3/5 – 1-3/5″) 10 per box
422365 Soft Convex Drainable Pouch, Cut-to-Fit, V3 10 – 28 mm (3/8 – 1-1/8″) 10 per box


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