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Ostomy Product News: Convatec Esteem+ Soft Convex

ostomy product news at 180 medical soft convex esteem plus system

Do you experience leakage with your current ostomy pouching system? Is your stoma flush with or below your skin level? Do you have skin folds and creases? You may want to learn more about Esteem+ Soft Convex.

All About Esteem+ Soft Convex

Esteem+ Soft Convex is the latest addition to Convatec’s line of one-piece convex ostomy pouching systems. Each soft convex skin barrier features a shallow profile, which works to minimize pressure on the abdomen. Its design conforms well with the body while staying comfortable to wear throughout the day. Worried about lifting or leaking? Each Esteem+ one-piece pouch includes strong but skin-friendly adhesives to last.

The soft convex skin barriers work best for people with slightly firmer abdomens and flush or protruding stomas. While standard skin barriers are flat against the peristomal skin surface, convex skin barriers curve towards the skin. This improves the projection of the stoma for optimal drainage, which can be especially helpful for those with flush or retracted stomas. In addition, the convex skin barrier maintains a secure seal with the skin.

Overall, if you’re looking for a one-piece ostomy system to help manage your irregular stoma and reduce leakage, this may be a choice to consider trying.

Esteem+ Soft Convex Product Features

esteem plus soft convexCurrently, Esteem+ Soft Convex is available on one-piece drainable ostomy pouches with 3 cut-to-fit sizes to suit almost any anatomy.

Product features include:

  • Flexible convexity
  • Easy-view window for accurate observation and positioning
  • Pouch filter to minimize odors and ballooning
  • Safe Seal Clipless Closure to make emptying and cleaning your pouch easy
  • Belt tabs for an optional ostomy support belt
  • Does not contain latex or gelatin

What Products Are Available in Convatec’s Esteem+ Soft Convex Ostomy Line?

Product Number Size Quantity
422363 V1 – 20-47mm (3/4-1 7/8″) 10 Pouches per Box
422364 V2 – 15-40mm (3/5-1 3/5″) 10 Pouches per Box
422365 V3 – 10-28mm (3/8-1 1/8″) 10 Pouches per Box

These options are cut-to-fit. Plus, each plateau size (V1 through V3) serves a different purpose in creating an optimal fit for your stoma. Additional options in closed, drainable, and urostomy pouches exist in other lines from the Esteem+ product portfolio, including Firm and Flex Convex. Ask our team of highly-trained Ostomy Specialists about which of these might be right for your unique needs.

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Where to Buy High-Quality Ostomy Supplies

180 Medical proudly offers Convatec’s entire line of top-quality ostomy products, including Esteem+ Soft, Flex, and Firm Convex one-piece ostomy options.

180 Medical’s Ostomy Specialists are careful to listen to all your concerns, preferences, and needs while answering any questions you may have. Plus, we’ll gladly provide you with any support you may need, including learning how to apply your Esteem+ ostomy system.

Contact us today to get started!

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Ostomy Product News: Convatec Esteem+ Soft Convex
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