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Convatec® Night Drainage System

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The Convatec® Night Drainage System is designed for a convenient collection of urine over an extended period of time. This overnight urine drainage system for those with urostomies includes a 67 oz capacity container (around a half-gallon) for all-night protection, so you can feel confident and comfortable enough to get a good night's sleep. Contact our Ostomy Specialists for more information.



Item Numbers Description Color Size Quantity
027060 Night Drainage set Includes 1 Convatec night drainage container with tubing, container cover, 1 universal adapter NULL 1 per box
027062 Night Drainage Container Tubing: used with night drainage container, approx 58″ in length 58″ in length 1 per box


Convatec Night Drainage System for Ostomy Customer Reviews


Large Output Large Output
Nightwear Nightwear
Urostomy Urostomy
ConvaTec Night Urostomy Drainage System features