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Bard Aspira Drainage System (Dressing and Bag)

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The Bard Aspira Drainage System ultimately helps by minimizing trips to the hospital for drainage procedures while allowing patients to spend more time at home with an easy-to-use drainage option. First and foremost, the Aspira Drainage System works together as a unit with a drainage catheter attached to a 1000 mL collection bag, which drains accumulated fluid from the pleural cavity (lungs). This helps reduce discomfort and pain while remaining lightweight and easy to use at home. Additionally, the Bard Aspira Dressing Kit gives you all the supplies you need to properly dress the drainage catheter in use with the Aspira Drainage System. Supplies include a pair of latex-free gloves, three alcohol prep pads, three anchor tape strips, four gauze pads, two split gauzes, transparent dressing, and CSR wrap.


  • 1000 mL lightweight bag
  • Latex-free
  • Disposable
  • Dressing Kit includes 3 alcohol prep pads, 3 anchor tape strips, 4 gauze pads, 2 split gauze, transparent dressing, and CSR wrap
Size & Type Item Number
Aspira 1000 mL Drainage Bag System 4992301
Aspira Dressing Kit 4991503