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Sion Biotext Protective Barrier Wipes

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Sion Biotext Protective Barrier Wipes, which replace the discontinued AllKare® Barrier Wipes, are designed to defend your skin from the potential irritations caused by adhesive from ostomy pouches and skin barriers or wafers. Each wipe creates a light, breathable layer on the skin to help prevent adhesive-induced friction and irritation. This protective skin barrier layer swiftly dries within moments, leaving behind no residue and prepping your skin for the next application of skin barriers or dressings. Sion Biotext Barrier Wipes stay intact during ostomy pouch changes or even removal of wound dressing and bandages. These single-use, non-sterile, alcohol-based barrier wipes are individually packed and require cold storage for optimal use.

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Item Numbers Description Quantity
423779 Barrier Wipes 50 per box
423784 Barrier Wipes 100 per box


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