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Stomagienics StomaGenie® Pouch Replacement Cartridge

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Stomagienics StomaGenie® Pouch Replacement Cartridge (PRC) makes the pouching process so convenient. It helps you apply your ostomy pouching system properly while capturing stoma output. StomaGenie® is a single-use, biodegradable cartridge, lined with superabsorbent odor control fabric with a plug for easy disposal. Ostomates, caregivers, and clinicians appreciate the improved hygiene, odor control, and dignity gained by containing stoma waste.

"I now have complete mastering of the StomaGenie®, and have lowered my anxiety, opened up the option of 'anytime change' and have been able to provide complete skin preparation, ensuring for longer wear time and healthier skin." - Kyle S., Ostomate


One-Piece Pouching Instructions

Two-Piece Pouching Instructions

Item Number Size
SGI12010P 1/2″(12mm)
SGI12011P 5/8″(15mm)
SGI12012P 3/4″(18mm)
SGI12013P 7/8″(20mm)
SGI12014P 1″(24mm)
SGI12015P 1 1/8″(28mm)
SGI12016P 1 1/4″(30mm)
SGI12017P 1 3/8″(34mm)
SGI12018P 1 1/2″(37mm)
SGI12019P 1 5/8″(41mm)
SGI12020P 1 3/4″(43mm)
SGI12021P 1 7/8″(46mm)


Colostomy Colostomy
Ileostomy Ileostomy
Urostomy Urostomy
  • Works with all ostomy one-piece and two-piece pouching systems
  • Hygienic product to aid an easier pouch replacement routine
  • Reimbursable with Medicare and many insurance plans