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Eakin Cohesive Paste

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Eakin Cohesive Paste is an alcohol-free stoma paste that works throughout the day to help heal skin while preventing leakage. Each application of stoma paste works by helping your ostomy skin barrier fit better by filling in the natural curves and creases of your peristomal skin. Convatec's Eakin Cohesive stoma paste may also increase pouch wear-time. Use this quick and reliable option for your ostomy needs.
Item Numbers Description Color Size Quantity
839010 Alcohol-Free Stoma pastes 2 oz. Tube


Colostomy Colostomy
Ileostomy Ileostomy
Urostomy Urostomy
  • Skin-friendly
  • Helps prevent leakage
  • May help heal skin
  • May increase pouch wear-time
  • Part of the Eakin Cohesive product family
  • 2.1 oz. tube