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Stomahesive Protective Ostomy Powder

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Stomahesive Protective Ostomy Powder

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Stomahesive Protective Ostomy Powder by Convatec is an ideal solution for protecting sensitive, raw, or weepy skin. This protective ostomy powder works to increase the wear time of your ostomy skin barrier and pouching system. In addition, it helps prevent skin irritation by absorbing moisture and creating a protective barrier. Simply dust the ostomy powder onto your skin with the easy-to-use squeeze bottle. Stomaheisve Protective Powder ultimately helps maintain your skin's health while increasing the wear time of your ostomy supplies.


Stomahesive Powder Instructions for Use:

  1. Clean the peristomal skin and dry thoroughly.
  2. Apply a light dusting of powder over the affected areas (deeper areas may require more powder).
  3. The powder will form a ‘putty-like’ substance that acts as a protective film under the wafer and around the stoma.
  4. Brush away any excess that can interfere with water adhesion and apply a wafer as usual.
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025510 1 oz. Bottle 1 Each

stomahesive powder for ostomy


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