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Visi-Flow Irrigation Starter Set

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Do you need to irrigate your colostomy? Visi-Flow Irrigation Starter Set is a complete ostomy irrigation system for stomas. This set contains everything you need for starting successful irrigation with optimal flow visibility and control. In addition, the system features an easy-to-fill top and removable stoma cone, Stomahesive skin barriers, pouches, and more.

*DISCONTINUED NOTICE* The Visi-Flow Irrigation Starter Set has been discontinued by the manufacturer as of July 31, 2020. Irrigation components are available separately, so please contact us for more information.

Item Numbers Size Quantity
401916 45mm (1 3/4″) flange 1 per box
401917 70mm (2 3/4″) flange 1 per box


Colostomy Colostomy

Each Visi-Flow Irrigation Starter Set contains:

  • Visi-Flow Irrigator with Stoma Cone (1)
  • SUR-FIT Natura Stomahesive Skin Barriers with Flange (2)
  • Visi-Flow Irrigation Sleeves (2)
  • SUR-FIT Natura Closed-End Pouches (2)
  • Stoma lubricant
  • Ostomy belt
  • Tail closure clip
  • Brush
  • Carrying case
ConvaTec VisiFlow Irrigation Starter Set Colostomy Care