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Rochester Catheters

Rochester Catheters

Rochester Visit Our Catheter Showcase Banner 180 Medical is proud to carry Bard and Rochester catheters, including the popular Magic3 hydrophilic catheters. Rochester Medical Corporation was founded in 1988 with a commitment to quality and improving the lives of those who need to use medical supplies. This company is known for innovative urological and continence care products that offer comfort as well as quality.

Rochester Medical was acquired by C.R. Bard, Inc., in 2013. Now, Bard Medical manufactures Rochester catheters.

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Take a look at 180 Medical’s catheter showcase to view the available Rochester catheters, including Rochester pediatric catheters, Rochester male catheters, and Rochester female catheters of all types. We also proudly carry Bard’s entire line of catheters.

Our friendly Product Specialists love helping our customers find the right products for their needs. If you’re ready to try some free catheter samples, just reach out and contact us. We’re ready to help you!

Rochester Catheters

180 Medical offers one of the widest varieties of catheter supplies available on the market today from all the leading brands and catheter manufacturers, including Rochester (Bard).

Rochester Magic3 Silicone Catheters

Magic3 Catheters are known for their unique formulation, which includes 3 separate layers of silicone for maximum performance and comfort. Plus, they’re entirely latex-free and 100% silicone.

Take a look at some of the Magic3 uncoated silicone catheters, available in both male and female length.

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Magic3 Hydrophilic Catheter Supplies

Would you rather have a touch-free catheter option with an insertion sleeve to reduce contamination? Magic3 hydrophilic silicone catheters are easy to use while still being flexible, latex-free, and comfortable. . All you have to do is break the included water sachet to activate the hydrophilic coating, which acts as a catheter lubricant.

Magic3 hydrophilic catheters are also available in pediatric length and sizes for children who need to use catheters. Plus, we even carry a coudé tip option for users who can’t use straight tip catheters.

Magic3 GO® Catheter Supplies

Want a ready-to-use latex-free catheter? Bard (Rochester) also makes a popular product known as the Magic3 GO®. It’s comfortable and easy to handle. Plus, they all feature a tapered insertion tip with four drainage eyelets for optimal urine drainage.

We are also proud to offer the Magic3 GO® in pediatric sizes as well as Rochester coudé catheter options.

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Rochester Closed System Catheter Kits

Closed system catheters are ideal for users in wheelchairs or people who are frequently on the go. They’re great for traveling while also providing optimal privacy and discretion.

Curious about what other products are available from Bard? We encourage you to visit our Bard catheter brand page to view more high-quality catheter options.

Rochester Magic3 Antibacterial Catheters

While Rochester discontinued their line of antibacterial catheters in 2019, 180 Medical offers plenty of other catheter options that may help reduce your risk of infection.

For example, you may be interested in touch-free hydrophilic catheters and pre-lubricated closed system catheters, many of which are available from the Rochester (Bard) family of catheter supplies. Plus, we carry all the other available Magic3 silicone catheters, including the popular ready-to-use Bard Magic3 Go®.

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Where to Buy Rochester Catheter Supplies

Do you want a reliable provider for your catheter supplies? 180 Medical gives you access to the largest selections of urinary catheters and the top brands available on the market today, including Magic3 catheters and other high-quality catheter products.

Our catheter experts are ready to help you find the product that can help turn your quality of life around. We’ll work with your doctor’s office to obtain any documentation your insurance may require. Plus, we offer free shipping and free samples. Contact us today to experience the 180 Medical difference.

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