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BD | Bard Catheters

Bard Catheters and BD Catheters at 180 Medical
Bard Medical, a division of BD (Becton, Dickinson, and Company), stands as a testament to over a century of dedication and innovation in the urological supply industry. Founded as the Bard Urologic Division, this pioneer in urological supplies has been at the forefront of developing and manufacturing high-quality Bard catheters and other urological products for over 100 years.

Today, as part of BD—one of the world’s most extensive medical technology companies—Bard continues to uphold its storied tradition of quality and innovation.

To explore our extensive range of available Bard and BD catheter supplies, visit 180 Medical’s online catheter product showcase. We are committed to providing the latest and highest quality products on the market today.

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Popular Bard Catheters and BD Catheters

180 Medical proudly offers a wide array of BD and Bard catheter supplies, including Bard hydrophilic catheters, red rubber catheters, coudé tip catheters, and straight catheters in male, female, and pediatric lengths. Products like the Bard Touchless® Closed System Catheters and Magic3® Go™ Hydrophilic Female Catheters epitomize the quality and innovation these brands represent.

Bard Touchless Closed System Catheters

Bard Medical Touchless Closed System Catheter Kits are popular for a reason. With a completely touch-free catheterization design, Bard catheter kits come with a variety of options to suit individual needs.

These products are smooth and comfortable, and they may also help in reducing the risk of urinary tract infection (UTI). Some kits also include insertion supplies, which can make catheterization even more hygienic.

BD | Bard Magic3 GO® Catheters

Want a ready-to-use latex-free catheter? BD also has a popular product known as the Magic3 GO®. It’s comfortable and easy to handle. Plus, they all feature a tapered insertion tip with four drainage eyelets for optimal urine drainage.

There are even options for children and adolescents as well as a universal length catheter option with a coudé tip.

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Other Magic3 Hydrophilic Catheter Supplies

BD Magic3 GO® catheters are known for their three unique layers of silicone that make your catheter firm enough to use but soft, smooth, and flexible enough to provide comfort. Find out more by checking out just a few of the many available options of BD | Bard catheters we carry at 180 Medical.

Magic3 hydrophilic silicone catheters are easy to use while still being flexible, latex-free, and comfortable. All you have to do is break the included water sachet to activate the hydrophilic coating, which acts as a catheter lubricant.

Magic3 hydrophilic catheters are also available in pediatric length and sizes for children who need to use catheters. Plus, we even carry a coudé tip option for users who can’t use straight tip catheters.

BD Ready-to-Use Hydrophilic Catheter Kits

BD’s high-quality ready-to-use hydrophilic catheter line offers comfort and convenience for men, women, and children.

BD Straight Catheters

Seeking a comfortable catheter solution? BD Catheters offer heat-polished eyelets on a straight tip for smooth insertion and reduced friction. They come with color-coded funnels for easy size identification and are crafted without DEHP, BPA, or natural rubber latex.

Discover more about BD’s range of straight uncoated catheters in various lengths.

Bard Coudé Catheters

Plus, Bard and Bardia catheters come in red rubber options for those who prefer a more flexible option and have no latex allergies.

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Where to Buy BD | Bard Catheters Online

BD and Bard offer diverse catheter types and styles to fit unique needs. You can explore more options and other brands when you get your catheter supplies from 180 Medical.

180 Medical stocks a variety of intermittent catheters, including pediatric options and those suited for wheelchair users or individuals with limited hand dexterity. Our catheter specialists are here to address your concerns and answer questions with empathy.

If you have more questions about BD catheters and Bard catheters, or if you’re ready to start getting your first order, contact us to experience the friendly and reliable customer service for which 180 Medical is known.

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