A urostomy is the surgical creation of an artificial opening, or stoma, in order to divert the natural flow of urinary waste from the body. This is performed when medically necessary, and there are various reasons why someone might require a urostomy, including ureter blockage, injury, bladder cancer, etc.

In a normally functioning urinary system, the kidneys process waste and excrete urine. From there, ureters collect the urine and send it to the bladder, which works to hold urine until one is ready to release it. However, when one part or all parts of this system are non-functioning or diseased, a urostomy may be a medically necessary surgery to restore one’s quality of life.

Ostomy surgery and the following adjustment period of learning to care for your urostomy can feel daunting at first, but many find that a urostomy is much preferable to living with difficult symptoms or feeling sick.

Once a urostomy has been created, the urine will need to be contained as it flows from the stoma, as there are no longer muscles or a bladder to hold the urine until one is ready to empty it.

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