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Product News: ESENTA Ostomy Skin Care Supplies

esenta ostomy care

Proper peristomal skincare is essential for everyday life for people living with ostomies. That’s where the new line of Convatec ESENTA™ ostomy care supplies comes in. We’re excited to share these new ostomy skincare options, which may help enhance your pouching routine and overall quality of life.

All About ESENTA™ Ostomy Skin Care Products

Convatec’s new ESENTA™ ostomy care products combine the skin-friendly results of the discontinued line of Sensi-Care™ products with a brand-new redesign for discretion, portability, and simplicity.

ESENTA™ products offer sting-free, silicone-based skin protection and adhesive removal. Plus, they’re available in both wipes and spray bottle options.

Learn more about each option and how they can benefit you below!

ESENTA™ Sting-Free Skin Barrier

First, you might wonder: why should I use a skin barrier product? Ostomy pouches and the ostomy wafer have to adhere to the skin around the stoma in order to collect waste. However, some adhesives can irritate the peristomal skin, especially with frequent pouch removals.

convatec esenta sting free skin barrier spray and wipes

The ESENTA™ Sting-Free Skin Barrier, available in wipes or spray, creates a barrier between the adhesives from your pouching system and your healthy skin. This helps reduce the risk of damage and skin irritation, and it protects the skin for up to 72 hours.

  • Silicone-based formula
  • Protects skin for up to 72 hours
  • Reduces risk of skin damage and irritation
  • Safe and effective even with frequent use
  • Great for ostomates with sensitive skin or easily irritated skin
  • Made without natural rubber latex

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ESENTA™ Sting-Free Adhesive Remover

Adhesive residue doesn’t just irritate the skin. It can also build up over time if it’s not properly removed. This can lead to ill-fitting pouching appliances that become harder and harder to fully stick to the skin, resulting in ostomy pouch leakage.

convatec esenta sting free adhesive remover spray and wipes

The new ESENTA™ Sting-Free Adhesive Remover, also available in wipes or spray, is a skin-friendly way to eliminate leftover adhesive residue between pouch changes. Its gentle silicone-based formula is easy on your skin, leaving it silky and smooth while removing adhesive.

  • Silicone-based formula
  • Quickly removes all adhesive residue
  • Reduces the possibility of skin damage
  • Skin-friendly
  • Made without natural rubber latex

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Available ESENTA™ Products at 180 Medical

ESENTA™ Skin Barrier Wipes and Spray Bottles

Product Number Size
423392 Wipes (25 per pack)
423286 Pump Spray (28 mL)
423288 Spray (50mL)

ESENTA™ Adhesive Remover Wipes and Spray Bottles

Product Number Size
423391 Wipes (25 per pack)
423289 Spray (50mL)


Where to Buy ESENTA™ Ostomy Care Supplies

180 Medical aims to provide a wide range of top-quality ostomy supplies and accessories, including Convatec’s ESENTA™ ostomy care products.

We’re an insurance-based provider of ostomy products. We’re contracted with a vast and continually growing number of insurance networks, including Medicare, state Medicaid plans, and private insurance plans like Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Healthcare, and more.

You can get your ostomy supply needs fully handled while also getting world-class, personalized service from our caring Ostomy Specialists.

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Product News: ESENTA Ostomy Skin Care Supplies
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