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How to Discreetly Wear Adult Incontinence Products

how to wear adult incontinence products discreetly

Adult incontinence is a much more common medical issue than people may realize. However, it’s understandable that those who live with urinary incontinence or bowel incontinence often prefer to keep these issues private. One way to maintain privacy is through the use of discreet adult incontinence products.

Getting Past The Stigma of Incontinence

While incontinence is not a shameful condition, it would be silly to pretend there’s no stigma surrounding “bathroom issues.” Probably the biggest hurdle for those new to living with adult incontinence is based around the fear of what people might think of them wearing an incontinence product, such as adult diapers, disposable underwear, bladder control pads, and more.

If you decide to tell them, your trusted loved ones such as your family or caregiver should understand and not judge. Still, it’s understandable to want to keep this issue a secret from the general public as well as your coworkers and peers.

Finding the right incontinence products may help you stay discreet while also improving confidence and overall quality of life. You could potentially get back to doing all the things you love without fear.

incontinence products and social life

Tips for Finding the Right Adult Incontinence Products

There are all kinds of different types of incontinence products on the market, so maintaining a level of privacy starts with purchasing the proper product for the wearer’s needs.

Get the Right Absorbency Levels

First, you need to consider the level of severity of the wearer’s incontinence. For example, if you have very light urinary incontinence, you may prefer only using a male guard or female incontinence pad. Diapers and disposable adult underwear can help with anywhere from light to heavy incontinence. Choosing the proper absorbency is necessary so you don’t have to worry about leakage and potentially embarrassing situations.

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Determine the Right Product for Your Needs

For example, protective adult underwear is one type of wearable incontinence products that offer discretion and convenience. Plus, it’s available to anyone struggling with adult incontinence. In addition, as mentioned above, it can work for anyone with mild to severe incontinence.

When you think of adult diapers, you might think of something bulky and obvious. However, most adult underwear brands available today are so slim and discreet that most people could look at you and never realize you’re wearing adult incontinence products. When wearing adult underwear, you can look and act normally at the store, at the movies, or anywhere else outside of the house.

Most adult underwear products on the market today also guarantee that there will never be a leak. This guarantee provides some certainty, although many new wearers are seeking out the ultimate in protection and privacy.

For those looking for an added level of peace of mind, incontinence pads can provide just that. Just like with the adult underwear, incontinence booster pads can be switched out and worn comfortably – in addition to the underwear – to provide the best protection possible.

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Get the Right Fit

Next, you must find a product that fits properly too. An oversized product may offer the desired protection but will be harder to conceal. A product that is too small will not offer the protection you need.

In addition, 180 Medical provides free samples so our customers can easily find the size, absorbency, and protection levels that work best for them.

Adjust Your Clothing

Making the right clothing choices is also a big part of helping keep your incontinence issues private. For instance, most types of pants, dresses, skirts, and jeans can be worn with your incontinence supplies. On the other hand, skinny jeans, leggings, or light-colored tight pants could possibly cause visibility issues.

Luckily, any adjustments to what you typically wear every day are likely to be minimal. You may just have to go up a size in certain clothing types to ensure the clothes are loose enough to discreetly conceal the thin underwear beneath.

loose clothing for incontinence products

Find a Reliable Incontinence Supplier

Lastly, when it comes to finding the best discreet incontinence supplies for your needs, you need to find a supply provider that can offer you compassionate support, top-tier customer service, and a wide variety of incontinence products to suit your needs.

180 Medical gladly provides all of the above, along with free samples, free shipping, and insurance billing for those insured by Florida and Georgia Medicaid programs. Contact us today to experience the 180 Medical difference. Together, we’ll get started on finding the right incontinence supplies to fit your unique needs.

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