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Incontinence Supplies Insurance Guide

Insurance Coverage for Incontinence Supplies

Are incontinence supplies covered by Medicaid? What type of incontinence supplies will my insurance pay for? Does my insurance cover incontinence supplies? Does Medicare cover diapers or underpads?

It’s common to have questions like this. After all, you want to make sure you’re using your insurance benefits to the fullest.

The good news is that many plans, including some state Medicaids, do cover incontinence supplies. Find out more with our handy insurance guide, covering Medicaid, Medicare, and private insurance plans, as well as alternate options for getting your supplies.

Incontinence Supplies

Medicaid Coverage for Incontinence Supplies

Medicaid is a state-run insurance option for low-income adults, children, senior citizens, and people living with disabilities. Each Medicaid program may have different requirements and benefits from state to state. Additionally, because Medicaid programs are funded in part by the federal government, it will follow certain federal guidelines including requirements regarding income limits.

180 Medical is in-network with all 50 state Medicaid plans. Our specialists will discuss your Medicaid benefits with you in full, including any spend-downs, out-of-pocket costs, or pre-authorizations that may be required by your Medicaid plan before we can provide you with your incontinence supplies.

Want more information about incontinence supply coverage through a specific Medicaid plan? Check out our pages for Medicaid of Colorado, Medicaid of Connecticut (HuskyHealth), Medicaid of Florida, Medicaid of Georgia, Medicaid of Illinois, Medicaid of Massachusetts, Medicaid of Minnesota, Medicaid of New York, Medicaid of North Carolina, Medicaid of Ohio, Medicaid of Oklahoma (SoonerCare), Medicaid of Pennsylvania, Medicaid of Rhode Island, and Medicaid of Texas.

In Network with all 50 Medicaid plans

Does Medicaid pay for diapers?

Yes, in most states, Medicaid will cover adult diapers or briefs and children’s diapers. However,  allowable benefits and amounts may vary, depending on the state in which you’re insured. Medicaid Waivers also vary from state to state.

180 Medical’s incontinence specialists will be happy to explain your state Medicaid plan’s guidelines and coverages for you.

Does Medicaid pay for incontinence supplies other than diapers?

While some state Medicaid plans will cover incontinence products other than adult diapers, other state Medicaids may not. All 50 states have different guidelines, benefit levels, and authorization requirements. In other words, it’s difficult to give a definite answer without verifying your Medicaid plan.

Just contact our specialists at 180 Medical, and we’ll get right to work on verifying your Medicaid coverage. This way, we can fully determine which of the incontinence supplies you need will be covered, as well as how many they will allow per monthly order.

Medicare Coverage for Incontinence Supplies

Medicare is a health insurance program provided through the United States federal government by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). They cover millions of people who qualify for coverage every year.

In order to qualify for Medicare, you must be an American citizen or a permanent legal resident who is 65 years or older or under 65 and living with a disability or receiving Social Security benefits.

Medicare has 4 parts of insurance coverage:

  • Hospital insurance coverage under Medicare Part A
  • Medical insurance coverage under Medicare Part B
  • Medicare Advantage plan options, known as Medicare Part C
  • Prescription drug coverage under Medicare Part D

Does Medicare pay for adult diapers and/or other incontinence supplies?

No. While Medicare covers intermittent catheters, ostomy supplies, and other related urological supplies, they typically do not cover incontinence supplies like diapers, mattress-protecting underpads, and bladder control pads or liners.

However, you still have options such as a Medicare Advantage plan through a private insurance company, which may cover incontinence products for you.

Private Insurance Coverage for Incontinence Supplies

A private insurance plan is any health insurance coverage option that is not based on state or federal government assistance, such as Medicaid or Medicare.

Some popular private insurance companies you may have heard of or know may include Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, Cigna, and United Healthcare, just to name a few.

Private insurance policies are there to help you when you need medical services and supplies, including prescription drugs, durable or disposable medical equipment (DME), and hospital stays.

Do private insurance plans pay for incontinence supplies?

Private insurance plans vary from company to company in terms of coverage, limits, and deductibles.

While many private insurance plans will pay for incontinence products, others may not. Some may cover them but have a specific limit as to how many are allowed per every 30 days.

For the most accurate quote on what your private insurance plan will cover, give us a call at 180 Medical. We’ll verify your insurance and find out if your supplies will be covered. Then together, we’ll discuss your options, like how much your potential out-of-pocket cost might be after your insurance covers their portion, as well as how many products you can receive per order.

Alternate Options for Purchasing Incontinence Supplies

Can I pay for my incontinence supplies out of pocket?

pay cash for incontinence suppliesYes, you definitely have options to pay for your supplies out of pocket. Sometimes, it makes the most financial sense to cover the cost of your incontinence products without using insurance benefits.

Because 180 Medical is an insurance-based provider, it may make more financial sense to purchase your supplies directly from a supplier that can offer you cash-based low costs. In cases like these, we’re glad to offer you a solution through one of our trusted partners at Personally Delivered.

Personally Delivered offers a wide array of medical supplies for an out-of-pocket cash payment rather than going through insurance coverage. Although some products that Personally Delivered provides like intermittent catheters will still require a prescription, you can purchase all supplies with your own money (credit or debit card) rather than trying to file through insurance.

Personally Delivered provides a selection of thousands of high-quality cash pay incontinence products, as well as skincare supplies, food and nutritional options, catheters, ostomy products, and more.

personally deliveredYou have more opportunities to save by choosing Personally Delivered when your insurance does not cover your incontinence supplies, including lower prices and their Triple Protection PLUS Program, which automatically credits you 3% on all your annual purchases.

Find out more about cash pay options at Personally Delivered.

More Information about Insurance and Incontinence Supplies

Have more questions about getting incontinence supplies or finding just the right products for your unique needs? Maybe you’re not sure how your insurance will pay for your disposable medical supplies. 180 Medical is more than happy to help.

First, we’ll verify your insurance coverage. Next, one of our friendly specialists will call you back to discuss your insurance coverage. We’ll go over any potential out-of-pocket costs, how many diapers or other incontinence products you will be able to receive per month based on your insurance plan, and more.

Free Incontinence Product Samples

We want you to have the right fit and the right type and selection that will be best for you as an individual, so we’ll gladly help you get free samples before you receive a full order.

180 Medical is one of the largest and highly-rated catheter, ostomy, and incontinence supply providers in America. We’re contracted with most state Medicaid plans, Medicare, and an ever-growing number of private insurance plans.

Contact us today to inquire about free samples and how to get your first order of incontinence supplies.

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