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Covidien Incontinence Products

covidien incontinenceFor nearly 100 years, Cardinal Health, also known as Kendall Covidien, has been providing exceptional incontinence product solutions to both facilities and consumers.

180 Medical carries a wide range of Cardinal Health and Kendall Covidien incontinence supplies, including SureCare Plus Adult Protective Underwear, Wings Diapers, Simplicity Underpads, Curity Youth Pants, and much more! From baby diapers and youth pants to adult briefs, adult diapers, pads, and underwear liners, Covidien has got you covered.

Covidien incontinence products, including brand names under Cardinal Health, Kendall, Sure Care, Wings, and Curity, are quality options on which you can depend. Contact us today to find out more.

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Wings Adult Briefs and Incontinence Products

When it comes to skin-friendly incontinence product options, Wings offers comfort and breathability along with optimal absorbent performance. Wings Briefs and Wings Adult Diapers give you coverage for urinary and fecal incontinence with helpful features like tape tabs, dryness strips, and moisture-proof backing.

Curity Baby Diapers and Curity Training Pants

Curity, a brand of Cardinal Health incontinence products, has got your kids covered with their line of comfortable, flexible, and secure options. For example, Curity Baby Diapers offer your little one a skin-safe way to care for bowel and urinary incontinence, as well as night-time accidents (nocturia). Curity Youth Pants give your adolescent a more dignified option for caring for nighttime bedwetting (nocturia), along with Curity Training Pants, which are available for both boys and girls.

Sure Care Incontinence Products

In addition to Kendall Covidien/Cardinal Health incontinence supplies for children, 180 Medical proudly carries their trusted line of Sure Care incontinence products. Whether you have mild to severe urinary incontinence, Sure Care may have what you need to manage it. For instance, Sure Care Bladder Control pads offer protection for light urinary incontinence while staying discreet. For heavy incontinence needs, you may prefer their Sure Care Protective Pull-up Underwear, available in super and regular.

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