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Catheterization Instructions

Are you new to using urinary catheters? If so, you may be looking for help with learning how to catheterize, such as catheter videos or step-by-step instructions.

Whether you have to self-cath or if you’re catheterizing another person as a caregiver, your healthcare provider likely gave you some basic instructions for the clean catheterization procedure. However, once you’re back at home, you may have some more questions or need some additional clarification. 180 Medical is here to help you.

As a leading provider of catheter supplies for nearly 20 years, 180 Medical is happy to offer helpful catheterization instructions as well as plenty of other resources.

180 medical catheterization instructions

Resources for Learning How to Use Catheters

At 180 Medical, we can provide you with one-of-a-kind printed catheterization instructions with your first shipment upon request. We offer booklets for men, women, girls, and boys in English as well as Spanish.

180 Medical Kids Club Books and Drawstring Bag

Plus, 180 Medical has a unique program just for kids who need to use catheters. The 180 Medical Kids Club provides a way for kids and their families to learn sterile, hygienic intermittent catheterization with fun activities and lovable story characters Ethan and Emma.

In addition, we offer free instructional materials online, including how-to videos, which demonstrate the catheterization procedure.

Our step-by-step catheter instructions and catheter instructional videos at can make the cathing process easier to understand.

Link to 180 Medical How To Cath Instructions

Catheter Specialists on Staff

Need more assistance? 180 Medical has a staff of highly-trained Catheter Specialists. Our support team is here for any catheterization questions you may have.

We can help link you to any resources you need, and we can even help by walking you through the general steps of the self-cathing process.

Curious whether your insurance covers catheters? Wondering how to start getting your catheters delivered right to your doorstep? 180 Medical can help with all that and more!

Contact us today to experience the 180 Medical difference. We’re ready to help you find the right products that can turn the quality of your life around.

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