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Wellspect HealthCare, formally known as Astra Tech, is a company that dates back to 1948. Since that time, they have grown across the globe and now carry a wide range of quality healthcare products, including urological supplies and LoFric catheter supplies.

LoFric Catheters Feature Urotonic Surface Technology

An example of Wellspect’s innovation and top-quality is their LoFric catheter. LoFric catheters, such as the popular LoFric Primo and LoFric Origo, are the only hydrophilic intermittent catheters on the market that are available with Urotonic Surface Technology. Urotonic Surface Technology offers reduced friction inside the urethra during intermittent catheterization due to its unique hydrophilic surface coating, which makes the surface isotonic to urine. In other words, the salt content on the catheter’s surface is about the same as your urine, so each LoFric hydrophilic catheter stays slippery and smooth during catheterization.

Each LoFric catheter features a low-friction hydrophilic coating that is bonded to the catheter itself. Once activated by water, this hydrophilic coating with Urotonic Surface keeps the entire catheterization process comfortable and safe throughout insertion and withdrawal. No need for extra lubricant during intermittent catheterization! Simply activate the surface coating with sterile water or the included water sachet before inserting it to drain your bladder.

LoFric Product Options

LoFric catheters are available in a wide range of French size options and lengths. Additionally, you can choose from LoFric catheters with different types of discreet and easy-to-open packaging. Some options also include an attached urine collection bag, such as the Hydro-Kits.

Check out 180 Medical’s catheter showcase to view a few of the LoFric catheter line of new and classic products that 180 Medical carries, including LoFric Primo catheters, LoFric Hydro-Kits (closed system intermittent catheters), LoFric coudé catheter tip options, straight catheters in male length and female length, and pediatric catheters.

Feel free to contact one of our catheter specialists today with any questions you may have!

Some popular LoFric Catheter products include:

More LoFric Catheter options:
LoFric Male Hydro-Kit
LoFric Female Hydro-Kit
LoFric Pediatric Hydro-Kit
LoFric Female Length Primo Catheter
LoFric Male Length Catheter
LoFric Male Length Primo Catheter
LoFric Female Length Catheter
LoFric Primo Coude Catheter
LoFric Primo Pediatric Length Catheter
LoFric Tiemann Male Length Catheter
LoFric Tiemann Pediatric Catheter


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What are LoFric Catheters Made Of?

Curious about the long term safety of using LoFric brand catheters? Previously, the LoFric catheter range was made entirely from PVD. However, this meant using plasticizers (phthalates) and other potential carcinogens. Today, the entire LoFric product range is made with POBE (polyolefin-based elastomer), which is naturally free of PVC, phthalates, and natural rubber latex. So if you have concerns about the materials of your catheter, you may prefer LoFric for its latex-free POBE material, which is still flexible.

Additionally, according to the manufacturer, POBE results in a lower environmental strain. Wellspect works to make sure their products offer high levels of safety, optimal function for catheter-users, and environmental performance.

POBE is already widely used in a range of medical devices such as blood collection products and IVs with documented safety, and many catheter-users prefer POBE over PVC when given the choice.

LoFric Catheters and More Brands Available at 180 Medical

LoFric catheters by Wellspect come in various styles and options to fit your life, preferences, and needs. Activation of the hydrophilic coating is easy, making intermittent catheterization comfortable every time — even for long term use.

Want to try a free sample or get more information? At 180 Medical, we proudly carry LoFric catheters and other high-quality catheter products from all the leading brands for our customers. We carry a wide variety of catheters to ensure that you have access to the products you prefer and want to use.

Whether you need coudé catheters, intermittent straight catheters, or closed system catheters, 180 Medical has what you need.

If you have any questions about the catheter brands we carry or about our products, contact our catheter specialists so we provide you with the information and products you need along with the best customer service and support.

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