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Cure™ Extension Tube for Intermittent Catheters

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Seeking an extension tube for your catheter? The Cure™ Extension Tube for Intermittent Catheters is a high-quality, flexible catheter extension tube for those who need or prefer extra length for their intermittent catheters. It features a universal adaptive connector, which will work with any catheter to extend its length by 29 inches. The Cure™ Extension Tube for intermittent catheters helps facilitate easier drainage for individuals in wheelchairs. This is an easy way to use an intermittent catheter without having to transfer from a wheelchair to the toilet. Also, this extension tube for catheters contains no DEHP, BPA, or natural rubber latex, like all Cure™ catheters.


  • 29 inches long
  • Not made with DEHP, BPA or natural rubber latex
  • Facilitates easy draining without transferring from a wheelchair
  • Connects to the funnel end of most intermittent catheters
Catheter Sizes Item Numbers
1 size CUREET1