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GentleCath Pro Female Closed System Catheter Kit

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*DISCONTINUED NOTICE* As GentleCath™ works to create new and improved products, the GentleCath Pro Female Closed System Catheter has been discontinued by the manufacturer. To learn more about other high-quality replacement product options, please contact us.

For women who want a convenient all-in-one catheter that may reduce the risk of infection, the GentleCath Pro Female Closed System Catheter Kit is a great option to consider. The pre-lubricated female length catheter is stored inside its own sterile collection bag, offering you a way to easily collect your urine without having to connect your catheter to a bag or another receptacle. This makes it simple to self-cath anywhere you have privacy. Each GentleCath Pro also includes a pre-lubricated introducer tip, which is designed to bypass the highest concentrations of bacteria in the first few millimeters of the urethra. This may further reduce the risk of contamination and UTIs (urinary tract infections). In addition, each catheter kit includes insertion supplies like ambidextrous gloves, antiseptic wipes, and an underpad.


  • 6 inches long (female length)
  • Pre-lubricated straight tip female catheter with introducer tip
  • Self-contained urine collection bag
  • Insertion supplies included
  • Sterile, single use
Catheter Sizes Item Numbers
14 Fr 421427 (Discontinued)
14 Fr (no kit) 421439 (Discontinued)